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  • I love the quality; ZFO Sports vest is an Amazing product!!! I’m 6'2 345lbs & my bro is 5'9 180lbs & it adjusts to fit both of us!! A+ I couldn't have gone better.
    Grant, TX
  • Fantabulous!!! Excellent Service, Extra Fast Delivery, Great product, Amazing result, I love this vest, only ZFO Sports I would recommend anyone to try.
    Ron Hayden, UT
  • Got exactly what I wanted, I got a great vest, and a good workout. Great Value, Thanks Very Much!
    Chris Clackamas, OR
  • It felt good. I love the fit and the workout it gives me. I would recommend this vest to anyone who wants is real workout. The maximum movement of my arms, shoulder, and neck, makes working out really easy.
    Danny Ellenwood, GA
  • This vest is great, good price, and great quality. I ordered the 75lbs short vest and it is a perfect fit. I could not find any other vest beside ZFO Sports vest that could support so much weight in such a small vest. Amazing vest. They great, I would recommend anyone to but from them, they are a class act.
    Michael Sedalia, CO
  • What weight do I start out with?

    It depends on the exercise and your condition. It is recommended to start out very low (4 to 6 percent of body weight). Even if it is a power-walking program, start out low. And once you become accustom to that extra weight, add more resistance weight. If you are a conditioned athlete and you are doing speed or agility drills, you should not use any more weight than 4 to 6 percent of body weight. If you are doing endurance type conditioning the weight to use will vary from 2 to 8 percent of body weight.

  • When can I expect to see result?

    In theory, in the short term, you can see result immediately. In another words, you can perform an exercise with the any ZFO Sports product and you will see results over time, you're either quicker if you're doing a progressive agility and speed drill; or you shape up your tummy and increase body core strength if you are working with the inversion table or ab sit up bench.

  • How does the weight vest fit my body type?

    The weight vest is a clam-shell design, so we can fit it to any torso length, and almost any body weight, we can custom manufacture a weight vest if necessary. Because of the two-piece design the weight vest can be customized to fit your body type and length, it also places the weights in an optimal center of gravity. The weight vest also has lateral straps that are elastic, which are stretched and secured to the front part of the vest so the weights do not slap against your body when you are in motion.

  • Can the weight vest help me lose weight?

    If you're after weight loss, the ZFO Sports vest can assist you in your weight reduction goal. The ZFO Sports weight vest will increase your caloric consumption during power walking, jogging or any activity you utilize in your weight reduction program. The weight vest adds weight to your body and the added weight will immediately intensify your activity, in return you will burn more calories in that same exercise.

  • How do I change the weight?

    It is easy with the upgrade or downgradeble option. The ZFO Sports weight vest can be adjusted 1.5 or 3 pound at a time, by simply removing or adding the 11/2 pound or 3 pound weights in their individual slots inside the pockets.

  • What credit cards do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal

  • Do you ship oversea & what are the shipping options?

    Yes, we can ship anywhere. And, we have shipped many countries around the world. Most of U.S. order uses USPS priority mail. It takes 2-4 business days to arrive at the destination once it has been shipped. International order also uses USPS priority. It takes 10-14 business days to arrive. Canadian orders take 7-10 business days using UPS. All order is providing by an automated tracking number service that update to your email once your order has been shipped.

  • How do I track my package?

    For orders which start with 9101- You can go to USPS.com and enter your tracking to locate your package, Track USPS. For order starting with -1Z728- You can use UPS.com to track you package. Here is the link so you can track your package through UPS or Track UPS.

  • I'm already overweight... why would I need to put on a vest to help me lose weight?

    A weight vest is a simple, yet versatile, piece of equipment that is beneficial to people regardless of their fitness level, from beginners to elite athletes. By adding weight to your body more muscle fibers are recuited into use therefore more calories burned. And, if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. Many of our customers find great deal of success incorporating weight vest training into the routines of their personal training.

Why buy ZFO Sports?

Why buy ZFO Sports?

ZFO Sports pride itself on customer service and providing customers with highest of quality product. We make sure that you will receive the best customer service possible while providing products that will last a life time. Overall you can shop with confidence knowing that ZFO Sports provides top customer service, top quality products, and offering all this at one of the cheapest price among Grade A weighted vest.

Superior Quality Products.

ZFO Sports is so confident with our products, we ensure that all our vest comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. Our vest gives you the comfort and flexibility of movement while working out with it. With adjustable straps around the shoulders and bottom of the vest, it ensures that the vest will not move or shift on you as you are training with it on. Our vest uses compressed iron bars to make sure that the weight is sustainable and doesn’t leak.

Customer Service.

ZFO Sports representative are standing by to answer any questions you have. From pricing to tracking your package, they are there to make sure that when you first place the order.

Buying With Confidence.

ZFO Sports offers a 15 days money back guarantee, and 30 day exchange policy. Purchase all the items you want and rest assured knowing that our website are protected by triple secure encryption technology, ensuring that you don’t worry about your card or identity will not be stolen in any way.

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